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Dehydrated Blood Orange wheels from Western Australia. 


-100% fruit, all natural with no added sugar or preservatives. 


-Choose from two different sizes including delivery.


Perfect for 

-Cocktails & Mocktails including Sangria's, Mulled wine

-Cheese boards

-Dipped or sprinkled over ice cream or yogurt

-Herbal tea, sports drinks & water infusions

-Cake decotarating & other baked goods

-Christmas & home décor 

-School snacks

-Bath scrubs

-Grind into a powder for: meat rubs, soups or stews and smoothies.

-Dipped in chocolate with a pinch of sea salt


-Store in an airtight container once the pack is opened. Keep in a cool, dark dry place.





Dehydrated Blood Oranges

PriceFrom $21.60


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